Corporate Responsibility

What is a good corporate citizen?

At Global Alliance Capital, our approach to being a good corporate citizen is our commitment to:

  • Holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards

  • Making responsible investment decisions

  • Respecting the interests of our clients, employees and key stakeholders

  • Caring for the community and the environment.

Responsible investing, always

From the beginning, Global Alliance Capital has proudly built and maintained a culture of social responsibility and ethical behavior in not only our investments but in all of our operations by aligning our interests with those of our investors, employees and investment partners.

By formalizing this commitment, we have taken a proactive environmental social governance (ESG) approach.  From first contact to post investment checkups, Global Alliance Capital evaluates ESG options at every stage of the process and works with our partners to understand and formalize this policy.  After an investment is made, we continuously monitor ESG risk to protect our client’s interests.

Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)

We are proud to be a signatory for PRI.  Global Alliance Capital is committed to uphold these principles when valuing or monitoring debt and private equity opportunities, regardless of sector, location or strategy.

We believe that our ESG practices contribute enormously to long term returns for our investors.