Local Perspective with Global Reach

Investors looking for an experienced guide that provides a glowing track record as well as access to the highest quality investments, we are the prudent choice.  We are dedicated to providing not only the best investment advice, but also the highest level of client approval. 

Our general partners relationships, as well as our participation on their boards’ means that we can continuously offer premium opportunities coupled with our tough evaluations system and selection requirements, allows us to select the appropriate situations through all market cycles.  A leader in the private equity business, we have access to world- wide market opportunities.  When combined with our local presence, we can more easily source trends and uncover situations that others miss.

Investing in private markets can be an administrative nightmare for an individual investor, especially if it is a small portion of your total portfolio.  Our clients rely on our highly qualified operations team to manage the day to day business of the portfolio, using strict control measures.  Our investors also have access to our interactive dashboard which provides a comprehensive view of their total investment portfolio with us.