Operational Excellence

An outstanding reputation for excellence

At Global Alliance Capital we believe that optimum efficiency, delivered with complete control and transparency are the crux of the investment process.  That is why we have invested substantial resources into these core functions such as cash management, accounting, financial reporting, taxation and analysis and also legal and regulatory compliance. 

Using these functions, managed within our systems allows us to supervise and safeguard our client’s assets and make the administration of their investments simpler.

For investors, there are compelling benefits of our approach, including:

  • Access to one of the largest, highly refined in house operations in the private equity industry - Every team member is committed to providing the highest level of performance to assist clients to understand tax ramifications, cash flow management, and the ins and outs of private equity and/or debt, or real assets. In addition, our team members are not only the leaders in our firm, but are the best in the industry.  As a result, they influence the future through their professional organizations and work groups.

  • A strong control environment that is still relevant today - Since our founding over 40 years ago, Global Alliance Capital has aimed to provide the very highest levels of service and operate with industry leading practices. Strong controls are essential to managing our clients risk levels.

  • Information that creates insight - As a forerunner to the private equity markets, Global Alliance Capital has developed our own systems for managing transaction and information flows. Since inception, our role as an investment manager has seen the collection of date, evaluated and analyzed, for every investment opportunity we have considered or made.  Our rich sources of data provides a long term perspective of private market activities and allows us to discover patterns that can affect our successes in a specific industry or sector.  We share these insights with our clients through presentations, commentaries and thought pieces.

  • Technology that provides transparency and enhanced monitoring - We provide our clients with detailed insights into their investments. This includes regular updates on their portfolio, investment performance, as well as analysis of investment diversification and performance separated into markets, sectors and time.