Secondary Investments

Secondary transactions offer enormous opportunities for sellers and investors alike.  Whether you wish to take early profits or invest in a cornucopia of existing assets, Global Alliance Capital offers very attractive secondary investments.  If you are looking to rebalance an existing portfolio, raise capital or simply change your direction and sell your private interests, Global Alliance Capital is a credible buyer, committing over $ 17 Billion to the secondary markets since our inception.

INVESTORS:  Why consider Global Alliance Capital?

For investors, secondary investments can be highly attractive, minimize risk and enable capital to work faster.  The challenge lies in identifying and tracking such situations.  Global Alliance Capital’s extensive relationships and experience means that we have access to information that gives investors an edge with opportunities, developments and insights.

In addition, our investors benefit from:

  • Approach - By targeting less efficient areas of the market that offer opportunities to unlock hidden value and innovative structuring, thereby generating better returns.

  • Experience - Our skills allow us to navigate challenging markets and performing a wide range of complex transactions.

  • Knowledge - Due to the broad range of our relationships, we have access to insights that help us guide our decisions.