Why Us?

With a track record spanning decades of expansion, innovation and success, Global Alliance Capital is now one of the world’s leading private investment firms.  Our team has attracted long term relationships with high profile partners and gained considerable expertise in the process. 

Global Alliance Capital is the product of a series of mergers of private wealth management, investment trading and research firms which resulted in the formation of Global Alliance Capital in 2006.  Since the mid-1970’s, our predecessor companies identified and provided early access to the evolving private equity markets with vigor and consistency.  We have provided our institutional clients with access to the North American market since 1978, the European marketplace since 1984, and China since 1994, and have expanded continually around the globe.

Since 2006 we expanded the range of our services to include private clients such as family trusts and high-net-worth-individuals, providing them with the same level of access to private equity markets around the globe.  From our Global Headquarters in Tokyo, as demanded by the ever-changing investment market, we expect this growth to continue for decades to come.  From our humble beginnings to our recent expansion, Global Alliance Capital has always aimed to be the best that we can be, always.